macOS Ventura adds powerful productivity tools and new sustainability features that make your Mac experience better than ever

macOS Ventura adds powerful productivity tools and new persistence features that make your Mac experience better than ever

The new time has been updated with the iPhone as a webcam on the Mac with things that weren’t possible before,1 Start a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad Make the Mail and Messages apps newer than ever, while Safari – the world’s fastest on Mac 2– Puts in the hands of the user the future of operation without passwords through passkeys. Gaming on Mac is better than ever.

macOS Ventura Powerful features and new innovations help improve the way you use your Mac. Helps bring new tools into the API, make focus on smart tasks between apps and windows faster, featured tweaks in apps, top OS brands, Studio Light, and more. With recent print numbers in the Messages app, recent options in the Mail app, an updated design in Spotlight, Vintura brings more to the ways you use Mac customers.”

A new way to work between apps and windows

One vision can be seen in one vision. Appear in front of them Appear in front of them Appear in front of them Appear in front of them Appear in front of them Appear in front of them Appear in front of them His luck can bring the windows together when working on tasks or known projects with different applications. The macOS Format Format Format gives you one easy access to your desktop.

Apple devices work in harmony with Continuity features

search search On a web site, track a web site from a site that is not on the web site. It’s worth noting that your Mac meets them both in a quick reply. 3 Branding is in creative for all Mac computers including Center Stage, Portrait and the new Studio Light – an effect that beautifully illuminates the user’s face when the backlight is dimmed. The medium while branding, battalion, back, battalion, show, FaceTime show, and much more.4

FaceTime’s Handoff feature that will allow you to make a FaceTime call and call on your Apple device and then seamlessly transfer it to another nearby Apple device. If a call arrives on demand on iPhone or iPad,

Powerful updates to key macOS apps and features

Safari provides the fastest and most power efficient browsing experience on your Mac, along with giving the shared picture. In macOS Ventura, a powerful new way to browse together: Shared Groups Tab Groups, friends, family, and colleagues can find their favorite sites in Safari and see which brands others are viewing right away. I can see the start signal in the Messages app or FaceTime call.

If the search has been improved since the search, it uses the email application to display more relevant and complete search results, as it can find what you are looking for by clicking Search, including recent mails about it before you start typing. Emails can also be sent to the delivery operator after pressing the email.5Mail now intelligently detects whether elements of such a document are uploaded or missing. receive emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails, emails

And now the Messages app on Mac includes a way to edit recently sent messages or even review accidentally deleted messages. 6 Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Collaborate Someone edits the shared document, activity updates appear at the top of the thread. Synchronous playback sessions can also be joined.

Quick Review An updated design that simplifies browsing, new features that deliver a more consistent experience across Apple devices, and Quick Calibration for quick file viewing finds photos in the photo library across the system and on the web. They can even search for their photos by location, people, scenes or items, and Live Text Live Text allows them to search by text within the photos. Create a new contract or create a production project. The good news is now on good scores for artists, movies, actors, feature-length TV shows and sports.

Shared Photo Library Created on iCloud, you can start creating and sharing a photo library with up to six of the family, even to everyone from across the family. They can be chosen when their personal libraries are finished, or shared based on the start date or the people in the photos. Make purchases in their shared library constantly, and highlights appear Every user in the shared photo library can add, delete, edit, or add to favorites, Views will appear in Memories, and featured photos Everyone can relive more whole family moments.

Safer browsing on Safari

Browsing in Safari is made safer with passkeys, new generation login data is more secure, get started, designed to replace passwords. And Keys…Passkeys make it easy to securely use Touch ID or Biometric Face ID, and iCloud Keychain to sync across Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption. Joomla is also available across apps and the web, and can help access their websites.

Immersive gaming experiences

Cards from Apple Silicon powered all of the new Mac’s iconic games with ease, including up-and-coming names like GRID Legends winning Electronic Arts and Resident Evil Village for Capcom. Share this post in a class AAA

Metal 3 is the latest version of the software that boosts Apple’s cross-platform gaming experience, taking gaming into the Mac gaming experience to even higher levels, and unlocks the benefit of Apple’s silicon gaming start. And it gives you fast performance in the take-off and riding industry; The GPU base is easily accessible so you can easily access the high-quality textures and textures needed for retail.

More great experiences with macOS Ventura

  • Uses Live Text Phone intelligence on text in photos across the system, and now adds support for paused video frames, as well as Japanese and Korean text. He can drag an element from the image and drop it into another application. and expand Visual public search feature Its recognition capabilities are now boring animals, birds, insects, statues and more landmarks.
  • application the weather And thefor an hour All the features and loves of the iPhone were developed for the Mac.
  • Tools Amenities of use New, audio space, audio space, audio space, audio space, audio space, proofread, text enhancer, sensitive, sensitive that much. 7
  • system configuration It’s the new name for System Preferences and comes with a new, simple design that’s easy to navigate and you’ll get used to Message Me New Message from iPhone and iPad app right away.
  • macOS repair

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