At VivaTech, Ukraine shows its expertise and flexibility

Agrotech, Video Transformation Solutions, Artificial Intelligence…: At the VivaTech exhibition in Paris, Ukraine came to show its technology expertise and wartime resistance, with fourteen start-ups.

Among them, ClinCaseQuest, a platform that allows clinical trials to be studied, targets medical students, and Miso, which offers a monitoring system that analyzes your health using algorithms to prevent heart disease.

Diana Sedko, Director of Ukraine Stands at VivaTech explains.

This is the first time that Ukraine holds its pavilion at the exhibition dedicated to innovation and digital technology that brings together start-ups and large groups until Saturday in Paris.

A way to remember that Ukraine is a “highly technologically advanced” country and that the sector plays an important role in the country’s economy.

Diana Sedko confirms: “There are a lot of American and European global companies that have teams of developers based in Ukraine, already thousands of people are working today, about 250,000 engineers.”

President Zelensky also intervened on Thursday, in the form of a hologram at the Paris Salon, urging global technology to come and help him rebuild Ukraine.

Each startup (found on VivaTech, editor’s note) “is a seed of courage, that continues to operate in somewhat challenging conditions but knows how to overcome them, whether based in Ukraine or Portugal or temporarily in France like Lookerz and Cardio AI”, Diana Sedko details.

The presence of Ukraine in the exhibition was determined before the Russian invasion.

“In the fall, before the outbreak of the war, we really wanted Ukraine to participate in VivaTech. It is a country that, on the technical scene in Europe, is becoming increasingly dynamic, active and interesting,” confirms salon director Julie Ranty .

Despite the conflict, discussions continued with the aim of these Ukrainian startups continuing to develop their activities and finding “vision, customers and investors” in VivaTech.

Apart from Ukraine, 30 countries participate in the exhibition; India is honored on the 75th anniversary of its independence.

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