How to Enable and Disable Safari Dark Mode

Having your browser in dark mode certainly has its benefits. For starters, it’s easier on your eyes if you’re browsing at night, and if someone next to you in bed is trying to sleep, dark mode prevents white screen glare from waking them up. Some people also like the dark mode aesthetic, and prefer it on a white background. If you are a Safari user, you might be wondering if there is a Safari Dark Mode, and if so, how you can enable and disable it.

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Safari does not offer dark mode by default. Instead, you need to enable dark mode in system settings, which will also force Safari to go dark. However, this only affects the browser, not the websites you visit. So you have to rely on individual websites to support dark mode as well and you will have to enable these settings individually. The exception will be if you are using the Safari desktop dark mode extension.

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How to Enable or Disable Safari Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad

To put your iOS device into dark mode, go to Settings->Display & Brightness. Faucet dark And all your device interface will turn black instantly. Don’t forget to change automatique To deactivate dark mode when it is daytime outside.

ios show dark mode

If you now check Safari, you will see that it is completely black. However, websites will not be in dark mode. More on this in the next section of the article.

How to Enable or Disable Safari Dark Mode on a Mac

First, go to Apple menu -> System Preferences.

macos system preferences menu

in the general Department, the first option concerns appearance. Picking out dark Everything on your Mac related to macOS (windows, menus, etc.) will turn black instantly. if you choose volumeIt only dims when it’s dark in your time zone.

macos preferences dark mode

However, this does not affect the websites you visit, which will remain with a white background. Unless you enable dark mode settings for each site individually, the only way to darken a site is to read the page in Safari Reader.

Click on AA To the right of the URL bar and select the dark option for the page to turn black. The page will turn blank when you exit reader mode.

Safari Reader Options

Using the Dark Mode Extension

If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to enable dark mode for every website you visit, this browser extension might be a godsend instead. Dark Mode for Safari will make all websites dark by default, even those that don’t natively support dark mode. The extension is free and works great and is supposed to be approved by Apple.

Wikipedia dark mode

Enable dark mode on individual websites

If you don’t use the dark mode of the Safari browser extension or Safari Reader, you’ll need to find out if a website supports dark mode and, if so, enable it. android saladfor example, supports it.

dark mode for android power

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