macOS Ventura features and update date

Apple has officially announced the features of macOS Ventura, the new new version that uses different Mac devices, which provides a set of new features, most notably the Stage Manager feature to improve multiple applications on the same screen, in addition to the feature of using the iPhone as a webcam for Mac computers, along with Improvements to platform apps, including Mail, Messages, Safari, and more.

What are the features of the new macOS Ventura for Mac?

Best Features of the Next Version of macOS Ventura:

Stage Manager feature to make it easier to work on multiple apps

It is a feature of Mac Ventura, as it provides the opportunity to manage the stage which is also one of the upcoming features for the iPadOS 16 update, it provides an opportunity to provide the opportunity to develop applications and windows can be easy to click on the window.

Features of macOS Ventura macOS Ventura stage manager

It is also possible to create and run groups of windows and windows on groups of applications When working on specific tasks or projects, design applications or montage applications can be easily grouped and opened, create and include.

Transfer Facetime Calls Between Mac, iPhone and iPad

The new feature view of the upcoming macOS Ventura for devices enables access to FaceTime calls between Mac, iPhone, iPad and vice versa with a single click, and provides the opportunity for a better experience in handling FaceTime calls.

Use your iPhone as a webcam for Mac

What provides the new version of Ventura macOS Ventura iPhone 13 And theiPhone 14 Launching videos from 2022 as a webcam, through the camera continuity feature when making video calls from FaceTime, or during the period from 2022 Applications and drivers Such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom and others, without using other devices or services, using only one device center stage and portrait mode.

Use your iPhone as a webcam for macOS Ventura

Export, body, when creating videos, video clips, and making craft products,

The advantage of continuing to use the iPhone feature as a webcam for Mac

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Enhance your Mail app with Gmail features

The macOS Ventura update adds great updates to email management, better and more beautiful Gmail, preview attached links and more.

Apple trusts the Mail app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Gmail features

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New Features of Safari Browser in Mac Ventura

It also updates macOS Ventura. New features for Safari Safari, including the ability to have your friends’ webpages and see updates you shoot while viewing photos, and Example Space, which allows for example, an example of flying with a pre-travel flight, with the ability to start a conversation via Messages or FaceTime app directly from Safari.

New Features of Safari Browser in Mac Ventura

The new Safari features in Mac Venture also favor the ability to have the ability to start a conversation via the Messages app or a call, directly through Safari, in addition to the Passkeys feature that starts to boot into passwords to sign in to sites in the Safari browser. It relies on FaceID and Touch ID.

Message application for important advantages

In addition to great new features, macOS Ventura’s update adds messaging, which starts our journey, send and edit messages as you read, as well as watch or listen to music with friends via the Messages app directly from the SherPlay feature while watching the show and media control together.

Improvements to the Spotlight Search feature on Mac

Perform a Mac Ventura Update macOS Ventura Better improvements to the search feature by highlighting gadget in Mac gadgets can use can be used in mac gadgets can use can be used in mac widgets can use can be used in gadgets can use a gadget can use a gadget can use a LiveText widget can be used Use the text tool in texts, images and videos for images that include text in words. search.

Launch and find Quick Launch in Quick Tasks, or even run a shortcut, to display search previews, including contacts, albums, musicians, movies, TV shows, actors, and more.

Shared photo albums

It is an easier way to seamlessly share photos up to 6 times from a family, you can create a shared album that allows family members to take photos in it, group all participants in the album with the same permissions, edit and delete photos, get suggestions for adding photos to the joint, all the photos you use in capturing Pictures all over the vicinity iOS 16 update And iPad users through the iPadOS 16 update.

Freeform instantaneous application

The new update for macOS Ventura introduces the new Freeform, a collaborative app that provides a white space to share notes and ideas with colleagues or friends in one place, with support for drawing and writing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad, as well as file sharing and insertion of web links, documents and audio and the sound,

Better Settings Design in macOS Ventura

Better Settings Design in macOS Ventura

And rebooted this system in the new Mac Ventura system.

Live Text now supports video

Videos of animals in the original text and statues are available, isolated from the background, and then shared through Messages, Mail, and more.

Weather and clock apps are available for Mac

The next update for macOS adds Ventura, so the weather app is finally on Weather NewsWith the app set to take advantage of Mac features, what’s new also adds the Clock app.

Faster security updates

Apple says it will provide quick security updates that need to be restarted during continuous operation

Improved voice dictation feature

Voice Dictation In the new version of macOS Ventura, an app that adds dictation of punctuation marks including the comma, period, question mark, and exclamation mark, as well as the ability to phonetically access emoji.

New design for major games in home devices

And Apple has redesigned the Home app for managing home devices, with Home Connection support, which makes it easy to connect various smart home accessories.

What mac addicts will replace macOS Ventura?

Apple said the following Macs have released the new macOS Ventura update:

  • iMacs 2017 and up iMac 2021.
  • iMac Pro – 2017 and later.
  • MacBook Air – 2018 version and newer.
  • MacBook Pro – 2017 and newer.
  • Mac Pro – version 2019 and newer.
  • device Mac Studio 2022.
  • Mac Mini devices – version 2018 and newer.
  • MacBooks – 2017 version and later.

When is the macOS Ventura update available?

The new macOS Ventura update is available as a beta version.

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