Olympique Lyonnais: Who is the American John Textor who will become the largest shareholder

It is a day that will mark the history of Olympique Lyonnais, and perhaps the beginning of the scheduled end of 35 years of Jean-Michel Aulas’ rule. OL Groupe, the holding company that owns Rhone Club, confirmed on Monday, June 20 that it had entered into “exclusive negotiations” with the aim of acquiring a majority stake in Eagle Football Holdings, LLC, a subsidiary of the US company John Textor.

Chief Omni However, Olas will not disappear overnight. He requested and received an escort move over two seasons, before finally handing over control to the new major shareholder. Textor, the billionaire and already owner of Botafogo in Brazil, Mollenbeck in Belgium, and partly of Crystal Palace in England, will reinject €90m this summer into the OL group’s capital.

Qualified as “Jean-Michel Aulas 2.0” by the teamfrom “Hollywood Virtual Reality Guru” directed by Forbes In 2016, this 56-year-old man became a Size in the field of holograms, special effects andArtificial intelligence. In the first decade of the twenty-first century, the former computer programmer puzzled viewers in the cinema.

Brad Pitt, Tupac, Michael Jackson

From 2006 to 2012, the entrepreneur chaired the board of directors of the digital sphere, Big screen special effects studio created by James Cameron. In addition to his participation in special effects for films such as transformersAnd the Tron: Legacy And part of the saga Pirates of the CaribbeanThe studio has made a name for itself by aging Brad Pitt The strange case of Benjamin Button (2008).

But the company was filed under US bankruptcy in 2012. Then John Textor Pulse Evolution, which develops holograms, especially for late stars. In 2012, she was able to bring the American rapper Tupac Shakur, who died in 1996, to the Coachella Festival, under the amazing eyes of the public.

In 2014, the role of Michael Jackson was to be reborn at the Billboard Music Awards. These two shows are watched millions of times on YouTube, which contributes to the development of this technology. After striving to bring back the stars, the Missouri-born businessman Take it one step further by initiating artificial intelligence. He created EvolutionAI and announced on his website that he would dedicate his career to “creating digital humans that help improve humanity”.


Jon Texton, a former professional skater, also co-founded FuboTV, a streaming service focused on broadcasting live sports, before turning to football. In July 2021, he first tried to take control of Benfica, but to no avail. The following month, he took refuge in England, taking 18% of the shares of Crystal Palace, a club in the southern suburbs of London. “Football is no different than any other business, he told CNN in March. You have to win to be profitable.”

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