Will the Earth’s magnetic poles reverse in the near future?

The Earth’s magnetic field is unstable, as this activity shows magnetic poles at intervals of an average of 200,000 years. During the 180-year reign.

A new study from the Swedish “Lund” University, that it is likely that the magnetic poles will flip in the near future.

A study of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) due to the emergence of a mysterious region in the South Atlantic Ocean, in which the greater Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing, causing the Earth to move towards a magnetic reversal.

A mysterious region in the South Atlantic Ocean where the strength of the magnetic field is decreasing at greater ground speed (Wikimedia Commons)
A mysterious region in the South Atlantic Ocean where the strength of the magnetic field is decreasing most rapidly (Wikimedia Commons)

The current is not new

Alone, and that this region located in the South Atlantic Ocean, the coast of South America with a weak magnetic field, and I found that satellites have been disrupted several times due to exposure to particles, and the region has become known as the “South Atlantic Anomaly”.

Depending on the solar region, the atmosphere affects the atmosphere.

On average, 200 thousand years. Year of the statement in 180 years

Scientists have mapped changes in the Earth’s magnetic field over the past 9,000 years (websites)

map of the magnetic field

Andreas Nilsson, a geological researcher at Lund University, said: “We map the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field over the course of 9,000 years, and then indicate that these states are present in the South Atlantic Ocean. Second phenomena, the concurrently ring in Earth’s magnetism.”

The results of the study are based on the analysis of burnt archaeological artifacts, volcanic samples, and sediment cores, all of which carry information about the Earth’s magnetic field, or clay pots that were heated for 580 degrees Celsius, lava that froze, and sediments that were deposited in lakes or in the sea.

These objects act as time capsules, carrying information about the magnetic field into the past. And with sensitive tools, anticipate an opportunity

Andreas, Nelson says, timescales, different timescales, one global magnetic field over 9,000 years back.”

Illustration of the sun's rays reaching the earth, causing the greatest heat in the tropics and hitting an oblique angle toward the poles (solar heating) - Stock Illustration
Disappears within 300 years and the Earth, towards an inversion in the South Atlantic (Getty Images)

According to the statement, by studying how the magnetic field changes, an opportunity to learn more

Use the new form.

Anomalies will disappear and polarity

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