The latest leaks about the shape and design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The latest leaks about the shape and design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 It’s 01:40 (Ahdath Net / Najwa Ahmed) Galaxy Z Fold finished Leaks about the foldable shape of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 screen For news for news in the past.. Among our news as well: Shock after revealing a surprising relationship between Ahmed Ezz and a student at Mansoura University!! You … Read more

Will the Earth’s magnetic poles reverse in the near future?

Will the Earth's magnetic poles reverse in the near future?

The Earth’s magnetic field is unstable, as this activity shows magnetic poles at intervals of an average of 200,000 years. During the 180-year reign. A new study from the Swedish “Lund” University, that it is likely that the magnetic poles will flip in the near future. A study of the Proceedings of the National Academy … Read more

Cinematic Mode in iPhone 13.. Learn about the features Palestine PS

Apple always strives to develop itself as much as possible so as not to precede it, when it did so by revealing the new series of phones, 13 in the past, which included four phones by revealing them at the end of the clip. cinematic”. iPhone 13 Cinematic Mode ad The beginning, the beginning, the … Read more

Install efootball 2022 Mobile Season Two and charge efootball 2022 coins for free Very important information – Arabs today

قم بتثبيت e-Football 2022 Mobile Season Two

Install e-Football 2022 Mobile Season Two he holds efootball 2022 season 2 mobile update He spoke for the first time in the game since its launch on June 2nd. It was launched period as of beta and has several icons in the current version. It has many advantages and gets rid of the problems that … Read more

“X9” is a new breakthrough for “Honor” in the thinking market


T + T – normal size The Honor X9 is a phone» Honor X9 A new breakthrough for the company’s download chip, in terms of ergonomic design and practical features, in addition to the super fast charging speed to provide consumers with charging their phones and enjoying continuously while shopping, playing, music, watching videos on … Read more

The period of validity of the visit visa and the method of renewing it “Passports clarify” – Arabs today

The period of validity of the visit visa and the method of renewing it "Passports clarify" - Arabs today

The General Authority for Passports clarified the validity of the multiple visit visa via the social networking site “Twitter” about the details of the visit and its duration. Through integrated recruitment, temperatures, in order to avoid electronic rejection, first-degree relatives in the Kingdom. Recruitment application. It is worth noting that the visa is affordable for … Read more

The Hope Probe..a year of unprecedented scientific discoveries

مسبار الأمل يحقق إنجازات علمية غير مسبوقة

Mars exploration is about roaming probes, the whole picture of the planet. Looking for the information provided by these probes, such as the Emirati Hope probe, the signature of detailed information about the planet is incomplete. The report of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah In a report I published, photos on Facebook, on the occasion … Read more

5 ways in the MIUI interface to speed up Xiaomi phones – integration

How to find the Wi-Fi password from a computer running Windows 11 - integration

Xiaomi phones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones, smartphones 5 ways in MIUI interface speed up device after updates along with heavy phone usage. Methods in MIUI interface to speed up Xiaomi phones The main reason behind the slowdown of the phone is the installer software installed in the MIUI interface. Certain events in the winter. The full … Read more